Video Gallery

Evigilo Tsunami Alert to Mobile Phone

Evigilo SMART Broadcast system distributed Tsunami alerts during Chilean earthquake April 1st, 2014. This is how it looks and sounds on regular mobile device

ONEMI Chile introducing evigilo

Onemi Chile introduces new population earthquake and Tsunami warning system based on evigilo SMART Alert

National Message

Official video by the Israeli Civil Defense and Department Science & Technology, Ministry of Defense

Tsunami TV Alert

Evigilo Tsunami Alert sent to TV


Evigilo at HLS 2012

Evigilo lecturing at the HLS 2012 conference in Tel Aviv Israel

TV Earthquake Alert

TV earthquake alert by Israeli Home Front Command


Evigilo City Alert

Evigilo City alert launched in frame of Akko Safe-City project

Evigilo TV Alert

Evigilo IADC TV alert as part of a multi-channel alert notification

Evigilo at TED

Evigilo alert and information dissemination system presented during European TED conference in Bucharest, November 2011

Channel 7 on evigilo

Channel 7 News interview during ISDEF exhibition with evigilo about evigilo IADC the national alert & information system and recently introduced evigilo City Alert

Evigilo demostrated to PM Netanyahu

In frame of presentation of its general capabilities with regards to public safety, security and emergency preparedness, the IDF Home Front Command has presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu among others also the evigilo emergency alert aggregator called IADC, his latest achievement with regards to the population’s emergency alert and notification based on cell broadcast technology, which is the first phase of the “National Message” project soon to be completed by further means such as TV, radio, sirens, paging and Internet


Channel 1 on evigilo

Channel 1 News Russia covers the Israeli civil defense drill “Turning Point 5″ and evigilo IADC used as the main alert and notification platform using cell broadcast technology

IBM selected evigilo

Evigilo has been selected by IBM for the Smart Camp initiative as one of the 5 smartes companies for the Smart City project