evigilo for Governments

National Alert Solutions

SMART for Governments delivering real-time alerts to millions of people in seconds The system is designed for major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storms as well as for military conflicts or man-made accidents.



evigilo for Businesses

Business Continuity Alert Systems 

Your organization has critical functions that need to survive an emergency. Reliable communication is key in keeping people safe and business continuity intact in case of an emergency (e.g., earthquake, an act of terror, cyber attack, etc.) evigilo delivers a reliable, bi-directional, multi-channel and proven, mass-notification system, designed for and tested in cases of emergency. 



evigilo for Municipalities

Emergency mass-notification solutions for Municipalities

In an emergency it is critical to alert and inform people, so they can act to save lives, reduce damage and communicate critical information. Residents expect to know, in real-time, of local emergencies, such as industrial accident, mass shooting, a fire, severe accident or any other local event that affects the public.