To know
To act
In time

Emergency Mass
Notification Solutions

In an emergency - know what is happening,
when it is happening, so you and your people
can act to save lives, reduce damage
and regain control.. 


Effective, bi-directional emergency 
communication with stakeholders

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Informing residents, controlling crises, 
restoring order

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Proven, multi-channel, national alert 
systems - saving lives all over the world

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How it works

The most important
App you will
ever use

It doesn't happen every day - but it does happen and you best be prepared. Bi-directional, geo-targeted, easy-on-your-battery and intuitive
alert App.


Making a Tsunami

"The messages went out in time" April, 2014, President Michelle Bachelet

In February 2010, Chile suffered an 8.8 earthquake. The tsunami that followed claimed the lives of 560 people, unaware of the imminent threat. Four years later, an 8.3 earthquake hit the Chilean shore, again. The death toll of the tsunami was 5. The difference was evigilo's national alert system deployed in 2012. The first thing that the president of Chile said in a press conference after the tsunami was: "the messages went out in time" and there is no doubt that evigilo's solution saved lives that day.


Life Saving
in Numbers